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Sandra Joseph CertEd, IIHHT, IHBC, CSA-Master Coach
CLUB LADYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S - BIRMINGHAM & LONDON  Founder, Chief Executive Director.
Sandra is a qualified Lecturer, Trainer, Multi-Award Winning Belief Management Master Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker and a published Author of her book 'RELATIONSHIPS - WHAT DO WOMEN REALLY WANT FROM MEN?' Available on Amazon. Her training career began in 1995 and since then she has been actively teaching mainly in Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy & Holistic Therapies in many FE Colleges and Schools in the West Midlands she also held the role of Curriculum Coordinator Manager for the Beauty department at City College Birmingham.
Sandra has also been fortunate to experience assessing NVQ's on the ILM programme in Management, Team Leading, Customer Service & City & Guilds Retail Apprenticeships. Sandra has a vibrant ambitious nature and is often proactive when organising events, she is immensely loyal to her Family, Friends and Business contacts and extremely passionate when disseminating knowledge to her students or audience during a seminar or training.
Sandra has contributed written articles that were published in Black Hair Magazines along with implementing the makeovers for the corresponding article images. She has had numerous involvement back stage in Fashion shows, Wedding Shows, Model Agency photo shoots, Music Video/Album cover make-up, Music events via Birmingham City Council, Seminars, Workshops, Charity & Community fund raising events, Sponsorship & many Exhibition shows at the NEC.

  • Sandra also runs BBS (Beauty BY Sandy) where she actively engages in various Holistic, Beauty & Nail treatments mobile by appointment. 
  • She runs her one-to-one coaching business SJCAT (Sandra Joseph Coaching & Training) within her main company Club Ladyday Q.U.E.E.N.S where she provides coaching & mentoring for Personal & Business Development, Confidence Building and Relationship Coaching. Sandra's wish is to help women discover where they need improvements in life, build confidence and help them change their course from their present reality towards their preferred reality. Her mission is to bring out the best in you to fulfil your goals and dreams. She intends to help as many women and girls get out of their own way, as more than often we hold ourseves back with negative thinking, her programmes are designed to change your thought process towards positive thinking.
  • Her sister company Teen Girls Networking CIC,(TGN) has evolved from the need of some of the members of Club Ladyday Q.U.E.E.N.S who have daughters who expresses an interest in what their Mothers do at the Club and the Mom's have also asked for somewhere their daughters can attend, something a bit more meaningful than a regular Saturday School. So TGN was born! https://www.teengirlsnetworking.org.uk 
Contact Sandra +44(0)7946 421 904.(UK)
Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]
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Michael Feurtado
FE Lecturer & MET Senior Technican ATA Accredited.
CLUB LADYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S -      Co-Founder / Marketing Entertainments Director. 
Apart from his full time day job with a leading Further Education College. Michael plays the bass guitar in a Soul Band, is a DJ & Promotor.  For as long as Michael can remember, He has been involved in music in some way shape or form, from playing Bass Guitars and other instruments in many band as he was growing up to DJ'ing & promoting musical events. Michael is an intensely ambitious individual with definite career goals, with a strong hard-working will to achieve them. Over the past 20+ years Michael has built up good contacts with other top DJ's and musicians which he has used when organising major musical events.
He currently coordinates Intimate Connections Roadshow which covers all CLUB LADYDAY events as well as other private functios Michael's aim within Club Ladyday is to provide the best entertainment to meet the needs of it's clients. His musical aims are to evoke, empower, entertain and create a change through his musical endeavours. 'Intimate Connections bringing people closer to the music'.
Michael is also currently in the process of building another addition to his love of music with starting his own Studio. Once planned and fitted with the necessary equipment the intention is to engage with the community and provide lessons in DJ & guitar for youths or adults and also to provide a base for bands to rehearse or/and record. For more information on the Studio or for DJ bookings contact Michael on: +44(0)7758 357 974 (UK) email: [email protected] or please use the Contact Form.

Michelle Sutherland - Interior Design (soft furnishings), Customer Satisfaction Consultancy

CLUB LADAYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S LONDON/CARIBBEAN - International Creative & Services Manager

Michelle is the Founder of the House-of-Elegance soft furnishing company, which she set up 10 years ago.  She uses her international creative skills, gained over a 28 year period, to design and create bespoke soft furnishings for her clients.  Recently she added creative workshops to her services within the business.  These new workshops are attended by students interested in learning beginner and intermediate skills in soft furnishings and interior design.  Michelle also freelances as a Customer Satisfaction Consultant (MS Consulting) between the UK and the Caribbean.  In this line of work she helps Companies, currently mainly in the Caribbean, to improve customer relations and customer retention, in addition to revising and implementing customer service policies within the business.

For over 30 years, Michelle worked with various industries such as Corporate Banking, Education, Retail & Hospitality.  From this she gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience within Marketing & Communications, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources & Management sectors.  In 2008 after being made redundant she finally decided it was time to fulfil her dream in becoming self employed and achieving some lifelong goals of running her own company and working for herself.  This is a decision she thought about long and hard and to date she has never regretted it.

Between running 2 businesses plus a section of Club LadyDay, Michelle also finds time to play tennis, currently at beginner level, but with a positive mission to one day excel to intermediate level - watch this space!  She also likes to take part in as much karaoke sessions as possible around the globe when travelling to keep up with her love of singing which she did professionally 30 years ago.  Recently she has decided to take up bike riding as a keep fit regime which will eventually lead to her doing charity bike rides to raise funds for brain aneurysm research.

Her vision for CLD is to empower Women members to reach their lifelong goals, to teach them creative skills for the home and to help them sustain confidence in fulfilling their dreams no matter the distance it takes.  A famous quote that keeps Michelle going is "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" - C. S. Lewis.
Contact Michelle for London and Caribbean enquiries:

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0)7494 501 750 (UK mobile)

Telephone: 001 876 296 6910 (Jamaica mobile) OR Please use Contact Form

Sandra Waldron-Rigobert PGCE BA (Hons)

CLUB LADYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S - LONDON  Community Wellness Development Manager.

Sandra has for a number of years been a passionate, enthusiastic qualified Group Facilitator, Teacher, Coach and Mentor. Teaching mainly focuses on  Functional Skills. Sandra is also a published Author.  "Dyslexic - The Silent Difference" available on Amazon. She has had the pleasure of experiencing a broad and varied career working in Fashion 1st then moved into Child Development and Activities, Youth Coaching and Mentoring, Teaching and now has set-up and is running a Community Wellness Organisation.   She jointly owned and run 3 Leather Accessories outlets for men and women in Camden, Portobello Road and Old Spitalfields Market for a number of years.  Which she said was “loads of fun as well as very very challenging however I learned a lot about running a retail business.”   She then volunteered her time evenings and weekends to mentor young people (YP) that were at risk of involvement in crime or Anti-Social Behaviour or subject to Community Punishment Orders (CPO) and the team created activities for the YP to participate in self-improvement and development which she found extremely enjoyable and rewarding work.   She was then promoted to Parenting Worker role and worked with parents/carers and families of YP at risk of offending or of permanent exclusion from education.  In 2007 she was accredited level 4 modules in 5 Positive Parenting Triple P Programme  She then focused on engaging with the service user on a one to one bases or “I facilitated groups for YP, parent/carers and worked at the magistrate’s court on Nary day.” Sandra has also been fortunate in her career and has access training and opportunities to perfect her practice in Non-violent communication, Brief Solution Focus Therapy, Child Protection Training, Mental Ill Health Impact on Parenting, Working with Children Experiencing Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Safety Awareness training which all been invaluable in her working with children/YP and their families.   Now she has embarked on a Joint Venture with Sandra Joseph and the Club Ladyday Q.U.E.E.N.S  organisation.  Sandra stated “this collaboration will allow us to establish a solid company that grows from strengths the strength.  I sincerely look forwards to sharing ideas to empower women and families to aim high and go for their dreams.” She has an energetic determined temperament and always takes the initiative when arranging occasions whether for professional or personal causes. People that have any contact with her know she is immensely loyal to her Family, Friends and Business contacts.  As well as very passionate and resourceful about her Faith, family and friends, her work in the community and business ventures have continually advanced and she has achieved the best outcome in all these areas. Contact Sandra for London enquiries.  email: [email protected]  Tel:44+(0)7599 937 114 (UK) OR Please use Contact Form

Maria Joseph- AKA 'Miss Physique' International Cruise liner Fitness Coach

CLUB LADYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S - BIRMINGHAM Dance/Fitness Coach & Programme Manager.

With over 30 years in the Fitness Industry Maria knows all there is to know to keep you in shape, well known for her vibrant, bubbly and energetic approach to fitness, Maria will enthuse even the most reluctant of gym user to embrace the FUN OF FITNESS! Qualifications expand from doctor referral exercise on prescription, Level 3 Advanced Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Exercise to Music, Les Mills Fitness Instructor, Boxercise, Children's Coach, Zumba and Latino Dance-A-Size (strictly come dancing). Maria has held numerous supervisory and managerial positions in Gyms and is currently Fitness Director at a Gym in Saudi Arabia working very closely with non other than the Saudi Royal Family. She has had numerous experience around the world with clients from Africa, America, Canada, The Caribbean, Europe, South America, Alaska and many more during her years on the Cruise ships as a Personal Trainer and Gym Supervisor, where she gained numerous recognition and Awards from the ships Captain as Employer of the Month on more than one occasion. Maria's experience has been varied with many charity work showcasing free workouts on stage for Children & Adults many City Council events providing workouts for even the fitness of celebrities such as Audley Harrison and Paula Radcliff, when she performed in front of 18,000 people for the ITV Kids Get Active sponsored by Cadbury World. For more information on Maria's classes or Personal Training Coaching please contact direct on: +44(0)7799 604 079 or please fill in the Contact Form.