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Queens United in Education, Empowerment 

& Networking Support


Thank you for visiting our website, Before joining our Mailing List please read our rules, regulations & code of conduct.

1. This club is for women only to join. (girls 11-19 please see our (TEEN GIRLS NETWORKING CIC) page

2. Club Ladyday Q.U.E.E.N.S reserves all rights under its trading name.

3. Club Ladyday Q.U.E.E.N.S allows members to invite friends and guests to events. extra charges will apply to non members for evening events, all monthly business support meetings are solely for members only and incurs a monthly fee.

4. In order for or Club to grow, members are asked to bring something to the Club by referring others on a regular basis.

We at CLUB LADYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S are committed to celebrating the achievements and success of women, becoming a member tells us that you share the same views of bonding, sharing and supporting each other in health, well-being, spiritual & mental growth, financial growth, educational development and friendship. Regardless of your ethnicity or social background ......... You're very welcome!

Joining us shows that you are committed to inspire, encourage & empower each other and the young. Joining us shows your willingness to support members in business via networking, promoting and attending events WHERE POSSIBLE, supporting that member to flourish and grow in their field, thus giving back to the community of women in business.

If a business idea of a member intrigues you there is nothing wrong with offering to perhaps work together and bring the idea or project to light in a Joint venture collaboration, thus creating unity and strength within the women of our communities. Becoming a member shows that you believe in your own personal development and strive to continue improving your own mental well-being.

Becoming a member you are agreeing with the company ethos as stated and that you are happy to abide by them with full support.

We do not tolerate rude or bad language during discussions neither do we welcome forcing strong views in an attempt to conditioning the minds of other members via Political, Religious or anything of Sexual nature, we welcome diversity and as such respect all women as individuals. PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS is encourage amongst members.

We hope that you are happy with the above, if so please join us. May you find happiness, strong T.I.E.S & joy with the "Sistapreneurs of CLUB LADYDAY Q.U.E.E.N.S"